Connecting to WhatsApp by Proxy

WhatsApp Proxy Connection

Anyone who utilizes WhatsApp, have a joyful New Year’s celebration! While many of us have been able to privately ring in 2023 with friends and family members through text or phone call, we are aware that many individuals are still unable to do so due to internet shutdowns.

We’re releasing proxy support for WhatsApp users around the world to help. This implies that users are in control of whether or not they are able to continue using WhatsApp in the event of a temporary disruption to their connection.

By using a proxy, you can access WhatsApp through servers set up all around the world by individuals and groups with the goal of facilitating unrestricted communication. You can learn how to configure a proxy server if you have the ability to facilitate other people’s network access.

When using a proxy server to connect, WhatsApp’s heightened level of privacy and security remains intact. End-to-end encryption will still remain in place to safeguard your private conversations, making it so that no one, not even the proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta, can read your messages in transit.

In 2023, we hope that there be no more outages in the internet. A prolonged disruption, as seen in Iran over the past few months, denies basic human rights and prevents people from getting necessary aid. The continued occurrence of these shutdowns is unfortunate, but we believe this approach will be useful in areas where trustworthy communication is essential.

All users of our most recent app version can find this preference in the menu where they can make adjustments to the program’s behavior. Click here for details on how to make use of this function.

How to set up a proxy server to connect to WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is blocked in your country, a proxy server can help you reconnect so you can continue using the service and encrypt your messages as usual.
If you have access to a server with open ports 80, 443 or 5222 and a domain name (or subdomain) that corresponds to that server’s IP address, you can put up a proxy to help individuals re-establish their WhatsApp connections. There is an abundance of resources, including the original source code, available on GitHub.
If a user is having trouble establishing a direct connection to WhatsApp, they may benefit from knowing these alternative contact details.


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