How to download and install Windows 11

Download & install Windows 11

Make sure your computer satisfies the aforementioned Windows 11 minimum requirements before you start. If it does, make a backup of your computer before continuing.
This makes sure that your crucial data and settings may at least be recovered if something goes wrong, which could happen while updating to a new operating system.

download windows 11
download windows 11

Installing software via Windows Update

Windows Update is the quickest way to download Windows 11. You’ll see messages for it in Windows Update, which will let you know when it’s ready for your PC. To continue with the installation, adhere to these directions. With this option, you won’t lose any files or data on your PC.

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How to install from Windows Update
How to install from Windows Update

Go to Settings > Update & security in step 1. Click Check for updates after that.

Step 2: You should get a popup saying it’s free to upgrade to Windows 11 when it’s available. To accept the conditions, click the Accept and install button after clicking the blue Download and install icon.

Step 3: A percentage and the status of the download for the Upgrade to Windows 11 should now display under Windows Update. Watch for it to finish.

Step 4: A request to restart your computer will appear when you’re done. It will manifest as a blue box. choose Restart now from the menu. Your computer will continue installing Windows 11 and restart several times. You’ll be brought to the Windows 11 desktop after you’re done!

Windows 11 Installation Assistant
Windows 11 Installation Assistant

Step 6: After the third step is complete, select Restart immediately. You will receive a warning before signing out. Wait while Windows 11 is installed and your computer restarts. Depending on the speed, age, and CPU power of your computer, it can take up to 30 minutes or an hour.

Step 7: Working on updates will appear on your screen as Windows 11 is being installed. The progress will be shown as a percentage. Be patient; your computer will restart a few times. Once finished, Windows 11’s desktop will be displayed before you are sent to the sign-in page.

Windows 11 is installing
Windows 11 is installing


Installing via the Windows Insider Program

The Windows Insider Program can be used to install Windows 11 if the first two ways don’t work for you. The Windows Insider Program will install unstable, unfinished versions of Windows 11 on your computer, so this is the last ditch attempt.

Go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Insider Program as the first step. Connect your Microsoft Account next.

If you’re using the Windows Insider Program for the first time, you’ll note that there are several channels, including Dev, Beta, and Release Preview. Windows 11 is now being tested in the Dev and Beta channels. Choose the best option for you.

Step 2: One of the most dependable ways to test Windows 11 is through the beta channel. If you choose to join this channel, fewer bugs and problems will affect you. However, keep in mind that beta channel releases rarely occur occasionally.

You must join the dev channel if you want access to Microsoft’s most recent and best updates of Windows 11, which are released every week and include all the new features. The future Windows 10 upgrade may be seen in the Release Preview, though.

Step 3: After selecting a reputable channel, confirm your decision. If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to log in with a Microsoft Account. Your computer will then restart.

Step 4: When your computer has restarted, go to Go to Settings and choose Update & security. After that, recheck for updates. Windows 11 will be listed. Select Download and Install, then wait as your device downloads the OS.

How to install through Windows Insider Program
How to install through Windows Insider Program


How to use the Windows 11 Installation Media for a clean setup

Using installation media is an additional method of installing Windows 11. This demonstrates how to make a bootable USB stick that may be used to install Windows 11 fresh on a computer running Windows 10 or another device. All of your files will be deleted if you do this, therefore we don’t recommend it. Visit the Windows 11 Download Page to access this option if you are aware of the danger. Select the Create Windows 11 Installation Media option from there. then adhere to the directions below.

Install windows 11 with USB flash drive

Step 1 is to accept the conditions by clicking Accept. Use the suggested parameters for this PC and let the Setup tool run. After selecting USB flash drive, click Next.

installation windows 11 with usb
installation windows 11 with usb

Step 2: From the list, choose your USB flash drive, and then click Next. It will download Windows 11 when you are prompted. The installer will then transition to creating Windows 11 installation discs once it is ready. When it’s completed, you’ll receive a popup indicating that the drive is prepared.

Step 3: After your USB device is prepared, hit the Finish button to exit the program. Maintain the USB drive connected to your PC.

Return to the Windows 10 settings app in step 4 and select Update & security. Next, select Recovery from the left side menu. Select Restart now from the Advanced starting menu.

advanced boot menu windows 10
advanced boot menu windows 10

Step 5: Select Use a device from the pop-up dialog. You should see your USB drive listed. Select it, and Windows will restart to the Windows 11 installation on your USB device. You will need to enter your BIOS or UEFI to manually boot from the USB disk if you don’t see this option. Typically, you may accomplish this simply immediately after turning on your PC, hitting F12 on boot. For further information on this, speak with your PC manufacturer or refer to internet manuals.

Step 6: Choose a language after entering the Windows 11 installation, then click Next. Select the Windows 11 version that corresponds to the Windows 10 version installed on your computer. then choose Next.

Step 7: Select the Custom radio button, then pick the drive you want to use to install Windows 11. If you want to delete all the files on the disk, you might need to click the Format option. When finished, choose the drive once more and press Next.

pick drive install for windows 11
pick drive install for windows 11



Downloading and installing Windows 11 has five main methods. Wait for Windows Update to get it free. The second option forces your PC to download it via the Installation Assistant. Windows Insider Program is third. These three methods don’t delete files.

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